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  • Wheel Spacers

    Wheel Spacers

    Wheel spacers are a great solution to widen the stance or fix backspacing & clearance issues on our ATVs and UTVs. Bolt on spacers are available in two designs, hub centric and lug centric. Hub Centric wheel spacers center on the hub of the vehicle while simulating the piloting lip on the outer side. Lug Centric means they are centered only by the lug nuts. Bolt-on spacers bolt to the hub of the vehicle using the factory studs and provided lug nuts. The wheel is then secured to the studs of the wheel spacer using the factory lug nuts already on hand. At UTVDUDE we carry lug centric wheel spacers in several widths for most ATV and UTV models.

  • Beadlock Wheels


    Standard wheels depend on tire inflation pressure to keep a seal between the tire bead and rim. In contrast, beadlock wheels operate differently by using clamping force from tightened bolts. These bolts thread into the wheel, exerting pressure on the beadlock ring, and the mechanical action clamps the outer bead of the tire to the wheel.

    The main benefit of beadlock wheels over standard wheels is that the seal between the wheel and tire is not affected by air pressure. This is extremely useful for off-road driving where a lower inflation pressure is used to multiply traction, increasing the contact patch of the tire, and reducing the shock that is transmitted to the vehicle by making the tire more compliant to the terrain. Beadlock wheels also offer a huge advantage when running sand paddle tires at low pressures.

    UTVDUDE has a selection of beadlock wheels for Polaris, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Can-AM and more. Keep your tires on with UTVDUDE beadlocks!

  • Lug nuts


    Your UTVs lug nuts have one job: keep your wheels firmly attached. They can also serve the purpose of looking awesome. They can be had in many different styles. There are conical seat acorn style nuts, conical seat spline drive tuner style lug nuts, or 1 piece long spike lug nuts. Many ATV and UTV models use flat seat lug nuts with an acorn style look. UTVDUDE carries all those styles and more in all the popular thread pitch and sizes: 3/8"-24, 1/2"-20, 9/16"-18, 12x1.5mm, 10x1.25mm, 12x1.25mm, 14x.15mm, 14x2.0mm.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 45 items