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If you ride at night for fun or to handle tough jobs in the early morning, you probably know the struggle—your vehicle's headlights just don't cut it in the dark. That's why installing aftermarket UTV lights is a smart move. It helps you navigate dark trails safely and spot potential problems before they spoil your fun. Adding an LED light bar to your UTV or ATV is a popular choice.

Powerful and Durable

Lights are usually a weak link in a machine. That's why we made our lights and brackets super tough. They can handle the rough impacts of serious off-roading without a hitch. No need to worry about them acting up in extreme heat or cold, or getting messed up by water, mud, sand, or trail debris.

Built to Last

You want UTV lights that can handle the elements and rough off-road trips. That's why our lights are built to match the toughness of your UTV or ATV. Use them in heavy rain or dunk them in three feet of water for half an hour — they'll keep shining. Even if branches and rocks hit them hard, they won't break. They're tough enough to take whatever comes their way, rain or shine.