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  • RZR


    Polaris practically invented the sport Side By Side segment with the innovative RZR. Since that time Polaris has kept evolving, from RZR 800, to XP900, XP 1000, to the first turbo charged SxS, the XP Turbo. Then the 72" Turbo S, on to the PRO XP and then newest 74" Turbo R and PRO R 2.0 liter beasts. Polaris owners are always looking for the best of the best. UTVDUDE offers tons of parts and accessories for all RZR models, radius rods, harnesses, dash panels, light bar mounts, rocker switches, bumpers, grilles, and so much more. Plus, most of our parts are made in the USA!

  • General


    The Polaris General brings together work and play in one vehicle. It's a mix of the dependable Ranger and the high-performance RZR, creating an ultimate side-by-side experience. You can personalize your Polaris General with various add-ons like axles, led light bars, and 4 point harnesses from UTVDUDE. We not only promise awesone products but also back it up with quality customer service.

  • Ranger


    These machines are tough as nails and capable of handling task you demand. With huge towing capacity and load capacity, Polaris Ranger will lighten your load. To get the most out of your Ranger, you may need to look at LED lighting, safety harnesses, beadlock wheels, wheel spacers, suspension seats and more. UTVDUDE offers the parts and accessories that will equip your Ranger for any hunting, farming or exploring you want to do.

  • RS1

    RZR RS1

    The Polaris RZR RS1 is all about giving you power and precision in a unique, single-seat ride. With 110 horsepower and a 64" width, it's designed to put you, the driver, at the center of the experience. It's like having a vehicle that understands you. At UTVDUDE, we get that you deserve the best, and that's why we've got a range of high-quality aftermarket parts and accessories made specifically for your RS1. Whether it's axles, radius rods, bumpers, or lights, choose UTVDUDE, and you can ride knowing your machine is outfitted with nothing but top-notch gear.

  • Polaris ATVs


    Polaris ATVs are known for being the top-selling automatic 4x4s ever, built to last. Whether you're putting in a tough day's work on the farm or having a good time hitting the trails with your buddies, this ATV is the perfect companion. At UTVDUDE, we've got a ton of parts that can make your ride even better. Whether you need light bars, shifter knobs, beadlock wheels, or tires, we've got all that and a whole lot more.



Dive into the world of powersports innovation with UTVDUDE, your ultimate destination for top-quality Polaris UTV parts and accessories. As a frontrunner in the industry, Polaris sets the standard for excellence with groundbreaking features like CVT transmissions and independent rear suspension. At UTVDUDE we aim to match that standard with our extensive range of upgrades for all RZR models, from radius rods to light bar mounts, with many items proudly made in the USA. Whether you're seeking enhanced performance or personalized style, we have you covered. Elevate your off-road experience today!