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3/4" Rod End Heim Joint Kits

Our 3/4" rod end fabrication kits include:

  • Heavy duty 3/4" heim joints made from 4130 Chromoly steel alloy, with Nylon PTFE liner for maximum strength and durability for any fabrication project. Unlike most of our competitors, our heim joints include matching jam nuts.
  • Chromoly heim joints are stronger and longer lasting than standard heims. Our joints are heat treated for extreme strength and feature PTFE liners.
  • Threaded chromoly steel weld bungs give the ultimate in link strength due to the precise fit and the number of threads for each given heim joint size. UTVDUDE's weld bung tube adapters available in Left and Right hand thread.
  • Optional: High Misalignment Spacers are designed to give you greater misalignment than a rod end can do alone. Misalignment Spacers keep your suspension from binding and enhance range of motion. They also act to locate the rod end in the pocket.