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Most UTV headlights do not provide sufficient light for navigating dark trails at speed, putting you and your passengers at risk of damage or injuries from trail hazards. Many trails and ride parks require added lighting for night-time riding. Adding external lights to your side-by-side is crucial for safety and visibility, and Pod Lights are a simple yet effective way to get better illumination.

A Custom Lighting Solution

Pod lights are popular among off-road fans as they are versatile, sturdy, and inexpensive. They provide a ton of bright light in a compact form and can be easily mounted on any part of your vehicle. Pod lights have mounting systems which allow you to position them as needed for the best visibility during your rides.

Built to Last

You want UTV lights that can handle the elements and rough off-road trips. That's why our lights are built to match the toughness of your UTV or ATV. Use them in heavy rain or dunk them in three feet of water for half an hour — they'll keep shining. Even if branches and rocks hit them hard, they won't break. They're tough enough to take whatever comes their way, rain or shine.